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Sunday 26 May 2013

Time out weekend - Margaret River, Western Australia.

This week we have a change of pace from the last few weeks of 4WD touring and bush camping in the eastern wheatbelt and southern goldfields - but I will be back to show you some more of this fascinating area very soon. 

Last weekend we had a time out weekend - a time to slow down, sit, walk in the bush, stroll on the beach, explore a couple of caves, do some wine tasting, eat out, and generally relax. 
Here is some late afternoon autumn light over the grape vines. The leaves are browning off now that the grape pick is done and late autumn is here. 

The place? Harmony Forest, a few kilometres along Sebbes Road, only about 16kms south of Margaret River in the heart of the spectacular Capes region of Western Australia.

The setting? Eight self contained cottages are set in natural bushland backing onto a vineyard. You really don't have to leave for the whole weekend if you don't want to!

Did we like it? Yes! Absolutely beautiful. The cottages, the location, the peace, the tranquility. All perfect. 

Below you can see what greets you when you enter the property. Can you see the little building in the middle RHS? This is "reception". Just open the door, pick up the phone, pick up the map, they tell you which cottage is yours, and where the key is. Simple! no fuss. 

Our cottage was beautiful. Set in Kari and Jarrah forest. There are only eight cottages on the property all separated by about 100 metres of bush. You can't see your neighbours at all - so very private. The cottages are beautiful inside and out. Oh my gosh, I love the light coming through these windows! I wish I had them at home!

You are free to walk along the bush tracks (varying length trails), and around the vineyard (although not through the vines as they are fenced by a very high fence to keep out the kangaroos). It is autumn here and so the vines are browning off and dropping their leaves. It would be fascinating to visit when they are harvesting the grapes for wine making. We sampled Harmony Forest's 2010 Private Select Merlo - beautiful - and bought another bottle to bring home with us.  Merlot grapes were first planted here in 1999. They currently supply grapes to some of the most respected wineries in the region. 

If you have the energy you can walk 8km along a sand track to the Boranup Gallery - a wonderful place to see local artisans exquisite work.But don't forget, you have to do the return 8km walk too!  Between the vineyard and our cottage was a little bridge through the trees and over the creek (middle RHS). Bottom left is a cockatoo feather I found.

Here are some kangaroos we saw when we went walking around the vineyard late one afternoon. You can see the high fence keeping them out of the vineyard on the right.

 On Saturday we had breakfast at the Lake Cave cafe (this was part of the package). And then walked it off exploring Mammoth Cave and Calgardup Cave - I will be back another day to tell you about the caves of the Capes.  We had a picnic lunch sitting on the beachfront at Prevelly - the surf was up! Afternoon tea at the gorgeous Voyager Estate (very elegant) (and just one of the many wineries dotted throughout the Capes) and then dinner that night at the Karridale Tavern (excellent food and good value for money - and only 10-15 minutes from our cottage). 

But for simplicity how about afternoon drinks at this spot.... (we saw this on our walk this morning)

I hope you have enjoyed this small taste of what the spectacular Capes region of the south west of Western Australia has to offer. The Capes spreads from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. It is home to many wineries, breweries, artisans, restaurants, the Cape to Cape walking trail, caves, The Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park, and a premier surfing region. There are many different accommodation options - from bush camping to 5 star - the choice is yours!

I am so lucky to have this very beautiful corner of our state within only a couple of hours from home. I will be back to show you some more another day.

To finish......the morning view from our porch at Harmony Forest........can you feel the peace and tranquility.........  

 Do you have a special place you like to go for a "get away from it all" weekend?

Thank you for stopping by dear reader. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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  1. Yes I can certainly feel the peace and quiet of the place Jill .... beautiful captures of a beautiful location.

  2. It looks an absolutely amazing place to stay Jill, and definitely on our radar now. I'd seen it advertised in tourism brochures, but had never had the 'push' to think more about it than another place to stay.Your atmospheric collages and pictures make it look so tranquil and appealing. Seems as if you had a spectacular weekend. Thank you, by the way, so very much for linking to ZigaZag. I really appreciate it.

    1. thanks Jo. You really should check them out some time.
      I am really happy to promote ZigaZag - really the best place to go for local tourist info!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit, Jill. I can just imagine the peace and serenity that surrounds the place, interspersed with the playful kangaroos. Stunning!

  4. What a wonderful blog you have. One day i hope mine will look like that.

  5. Jill, what a beautiful place to visit. I love the pretty cottage, the scenery looks gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing your time-out weekend. Lovely photos. Have a happy week ahead!

  6. Thank you for sharing your stay at this pretty cottage and all the scenery you enjoyed. The food looks pretty good too!

  7. Even though it is fall the scenery is beautiful and sounds like a wonderful way to relax. Valerie

  8. That looks like a fantastic place to spend some time!

  9. How lovely and peaceful. And what a great name for a forest.

  10. I don't think I could bear to leave such a wonderful, tranquil setting. Ah bliss.

  11. Grand area to tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. Hi Jill, you are indeed lucky to have all this magnificence within a close boundary of your home. Harmony Forest looks beautifful and relaxing I may not want to leave. Thanks for sharing this corner of your beautiful world. I hope to make it there someday

  13. Your posts are such beautiful journeys into places I may never go in person Thank you for making them reality for me.

  14. What a beautiful place you chose for your getaway. Your photos are, of course, lovely - make me wish to visit!
    I like to escape to Long Beach, between Ucluelet and Tofino, here on Vancouver Island. There is no better sleep than the one with the sound of the surf in the background!

  15. As always, I'm captivated by your images.

  16. Oh I feel like I traveled there with you! I could live for quite awhile in that cottage.

  17. I can see why it's called Harmony Forest. What a great place to kick back and relax. After reading all the western Australia posts I am very keen to visit!

  18. Love your browning leaves on the grapevine shot. I have not seen brown leaves on the vines before, probably because we usually travel in Spring. We will be in Turkey in Autumn this year so I will look out for it.

  19. I'll be putting all of the above on our list for when we - one day - visit the SW corner. Your pix & story mean I'm SO looking forward to it ... whenever it will be!!! As for Arkaroola - it's not that far from the Wilpena section of the Flinders ... and SO worth a visit for the photos alone!!! If you really can't make it this time, be sure and put it on your 'must do' list for another time!!

  20. This looks like a wonderful, peaceful weekend getaway. I wish I lived closer. Harmony Forest is perfectly named. Your photos really transported me there.

  21. What a delightful place to rest the spirit....

  22. Some fantastic images there. I was happy to catch a glimpse of the kangaroos. Every time, Australia crops up in a discussion, that's the first thing that crosses my mind :)

  23. I think if I spent a few days here I wouldn't want to leave. It is perfectly named and your beautiful pictures captured the beauty and serenity of the place. I love the kangaroos in the wild picture!


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