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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Celebrating Australia Day - 26 January 2013.

26 January is Australia Day – the day we Aussies celebrate what makes us Australian and the things we value about living in Australia – freedom, opportunity, diversity, innovation, education, jobs, good food, healthy lifestyle, the ability to buy your own house, our beautiful country, wide open spaces, clean air - just to name a few – and also the people that give of themselves in all sorts of way and deserve to be honoured in the Australia Day Honours list.   Many immigrants also take the opportunity today to become Australians in ceremonies throughout Australia. 

On Australia Day you will see Aussies getting together in all sorts of ways – the “big” Aussie BBQ breakfast, enjoying community entertainment, going to the beach, playing sport, going camping, families and friends getting together. And in major centres there are often fireworks. 

There are so many ways that people celebrate. But most of all I think it is about family and community and getting together and being thankful.

I love travel - but I love coming home too - and seeing my place with new eyes and appreciation of how lucky we indeed are to live in this wonderful country.  I have posted many times images of some my favourite Australian places before, but I want to recap with this collage from a couple of years ago.  

This Australia Day our day started with an Aussie BBQ breakfast with family that rolled into lunch, a relaxing afternoon, I picked grapes to make grape jam, and we went to the fireworks in the evening. Here is the before the fireworks pic showing our city waterfront along the Leschenault Inlet. There are markets, stalls and entertainment. Some people even take their boats onto the water and watch the fireworks from there.

 It could be said that fireworks are a waste of money - that the money could be better spent elsewhere on community services - and I think they are right - but I enjoy fireworks and the happy shared family atmosphere.

Fireworks are also great to photograph. I don't take a tripod as I like the effects and patterns that can be created with photographing fireworks hand held. All of these are straight out of camera. 

We even had fireworks coming out of the top of a building - a cool effect - and you can see the reflection of other fireworks in the windows. You can see it below in the photo of the RHS.

If you are an Aussie how did you celebrate Australia Day?  
And my overseas visitors - how do you celebrate your National Day? What is it about your country that you love the most?

I send my thoughts and prayers to those in Queensland suffering from the effects of floods and tornadoes that are ravaging that part of the country and all those across the country who have lost their homes or are in the path of devastating bushfires. 

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you and value your comments. 

Have a wonderful week.

I am linking up to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. It see the work of Mary and other wonderful contributors, please click on the link here - Mosaic Monday

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  1. Happy Aussie Day to you Jill. Wonderful photos of your Day.

  2. Canadians celebrate on July 1 and we're thankful for the same things you are. A happy Aussie Day to you.

  3. Happy Australian Day, just like our Canada Day on July 1. Lovely mosaics, the fireworks are my fav.

  4. Wonderful post. Australia has such an interesting history and is so beautiful. I love hearing about it. Our daughter and a friend visited Australia a few years ago and truly enjoyed their time there.

    Thanks so much for visiting the Back Porch.

    Happy Australia Day!

  5. What a wonderful c elebratian day. Happy Australia day

  6. Happy Australia Day! I enjoyed this collection of photos. And the firework show is beautiful. Great captures! Have a happy week!

  7. Happy Aussie Day ~ Fantastic photography ~ amazing firework shots ~ Very Creative ! from Mosaic Monday ~

    A Creative Harbor ^_^

  8. Fabulous photos Jill and an inspiring description of what Australia Day signifies. We missed the fireworks this year, so thank you for a lovely reminder.

  9. What wonderful photos and mosaics! It sounds very much like our Independence day celebrations...BBQ and fireworks and FUN! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  10. It looks like a very grand celebration was had by all. I love to journey here and I pray that the floods in your area, are not near you. How very sad~

  11. For Australia Day this year we walked along the Strand, had a swim afterward (in a stinger enclosure) and then had a seafood dinner overlooking the rockpool - perfect. Love your collage and fireworks photographs. I agree that the money could be spent better elsewhere, but they are amazing.

  12. How interesting to read and learn about your country! I love the energy of the photos and the happiness!

  13. A belated Happy Aussie Day to you and yours! We celebrate in much the same way as you do, but on July 1st. When I was a child it was called Dominion Day, but in the 60's it became known as Canada Day. Not very imaginative, but it is descriptive!


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