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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Camp food - Western Australian wheatbelt granite outcrops

We are just back from a seven day camping trip visiting granite outcrops in the north eastern Western Australian wheat belt.  We travelled nearly 2,000 kilometres and camped at seven different camp sites in seven nights and eight days.

The "Wheatbelt Way" and the "Granite Loop Discovery Trail" are two self-drive tours promoted by WA Tourism.  We hadn't toured around the north-east corner of the wheatbelt before, and our trip combined some of each of these drives. The wheatbelt and its granite outcrops make an interesting tour through farm and bushland, with places to camp, bird and animal life, interesting historical sites and a profusion of wildflowers during spring. 

Granite outcrops are scattered throughout the Western Australian wheatbelt. They were used by early explorers as places to camp, water and feed their horses, take their bearings and map their progress. Before this indigenous aboriginal people would use caves as shelter and source water from the gnamma holes. These rock holes hold water for a long time after rain and are important for human and animal life during drought.  The aboriginals would visit favoured holes regularly to keep them clean.  When European settlers arrived, they harvested the water from the rocks by building walls to channel the water into dams and tanks.

Today these granite outcrops are great places to bush camp (ie basic or no facilities). 
Below you can see our seven campsites - 
from top right - Congelan Dam at Dryanda north west of Narrogin, Billiburning Rock north of Beacon, Elachbutting Rock east of Bonnie Rock, Baladjie Rock north of Westonia, Kokerbin Rock west of Bruce Rock, Karalee Rock east of Yellowdine, and Beringbooding Rock east of Bonnie Rock.

Camp food when you are on the road every day moving on to your next destination, exploring and setting up camp, can be a bit of a challenge. So that we can easily organise our camping food and supplies we have come up with a list that we have saved on our computer and download a few weeks before we set out. We check the gear in our camper trailer and cross off items on the list as they are packed. It really helps with meal planning and making sure we have all the food supplies we need before we go. And also with making sure we have everything else we need - it wouldn't pay to forget your pillow and sleeping bag!

There are lots of camp cooking books available. But I find that when you we on the road, I don't have the inclination or the time to fiddle around with complicated camp cooking. And often it is a fight to keep the flies and other flying insects at bay while cooking and eating. So I want easy quick to cook meals. The up side is some of the spectacular locations we have camped at.

Someone asked me the other day what meals do we have. So here is a small list of some of our easy meal choices - 
Curry and rice (pre-cooked), chilli-con-carne with potato or pasta (pre-cooked), chicken and corn schnitzels with vegetables (cook all the vegies in one pot), BBQ steak with vegetables, diced sausage rings with packaged fried rice mix, tin tuna with packaged pasta mix, spaghetti bolognaise made from dehydrated mince & a packet sauce mix & tin of tomatoes.
For dessert - custard pots, creamed rice and tinned fruit - none of which require refrigerating.

We do have a portable fridge/freezer that goes in the back of our 4WD, so that does make keeping food cold or frozen.  If you have a dehydrator you can dehydrate mince and cooked meals like curry and rehydrate them with water in a sealed container the day you want to use them. You can also dehydrate carrot rings, apple and banana rings etc.

Staples include potatoes, carrots, tomato paste sachets, cup-a-soup, rice, pasta, casserole mixes, dehydrated or tinned vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, dried biscuits. 

For lunches we have fish rolls (a favourite), meat and salad rolls, noodle cups, cup-a-soup, tinned fish, cold sausages etc. You can see the fish rolls in the middle picture here - thawing on the dashboard as we drove along because I hadn't taken them out of the car freezer early enough - dash-board dining!

Breakfast choices include cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, eggs and bacon and packaged pancake mix. 

And of course camping wouldn't be complete without sunset drinks with cheese and savoury biscuits, and later on around the fire, chocolate and a hot drink or port, and marshmallows toasted on sticks over the fire. It is nice to have a few luxuries when you are camping!

Wouldn't you love to have dinner under a sunset like this?
What sort of food do you take camping?

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I will be back later with more stories and images from the north-eastern Western Australian wheatbelt.

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  1. Jill, your camping trip sounds like fun. I always enjoying seeing different places and scenery. As far as the food goes I think I would be happy with the breakfast meals for dinner too. Your photos are great and I especially loved the last sunset shot. Great post, thanks for sharing your trip. Have a great week ahead.

  2. Jill, your photos are wonderful! Your camping trip sounds like such fun. I, too, enjoy seeing different places and scenery and LOVE breakfast! Delightful post!

  3. That is rugged country and beautiful scenery! You see things in a much different light when you camp! We hiked and camped a lot when my kids were growing up. I remember buying local fruit at farm stands on the trips but a lot of what we ate was freeze dried foods since we hiked with back packs. My kids loved freeze dried ice cream! Enjoy the week ahead and thanks for sharing your photos!

  4. Beautiful views. I have not been camping in year, not sure the old bones would appreciate it now:)

  5. Oh what a wonderful trip! Love the photos, and felt as if I was there with you! Thanks for the inspiration, I'd not thought of going to the wheatbelt, and also for the recipes ... it's always great to have new ideas that are tasty but simple for on the road.

  6. What gorgeous scenery! And that sunset is amazing. ::Jill

  7. I want to go camping with you. I know we would eat well. That was quite the list of meals. The countryside is also interesting and very different from southern Ontario. Hopefully there were no snakes. Valerie

  8. What a fantastic place to camp. We like to camp - when we camp where there are no facilities, we eat much as you do - cooking ahead, dehydrating vegetables and fruit. Last summer I even dehydrated chili con carne and it turned out very well.

  9. Now that's a campsite!
    We haven't camped for some time but when we did, we ate a lot like you do. I freeze some things and take dehydrated meals as well.

  10. You have just given me a wonderful tour of your little corner of the world. I so enjoyed my visit!

    Susan and

  11. Beautiful photos ! I enjoyed the tour and the information ...:)

  12. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful journey! These sights look so very much like what we just viewed on our 17 day 6,068 mile drive out west in the USA... happy week~

  13. This was definitely a very nice experience that you have traveled within such beautiful landscapes. Australia has a combination of beautiful places that make it a fantastic place for adventures as well as relaxing.

    Broome, wa - Official Broome Western Australia Site


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