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Monday, 13 August 2012

Tulips in my garden

July and August is the time for tulips in my garden. Last year I grew them for the first time, and earlier this year I bought some more bulbs, kept them in the refrigerator, and then planted them when I thought the time was right.  The first one flowered the day after my mother died on 19 July, and every day I have seen the new buds forming and opening. But this morning is the first time I have photographed them. They were still in shade, so not yet open. But I will go back this afternoon and capture them in full bloom. A bit like life I guess, forming, being nurtured, and then blossoming in full bloom.  And then like the second image in the collage, there can still be beauty in the closing stages of life. 

And Ruth Tearle's quote for today? - 

The way to stop being a pawn fighting for someone else's ambitions,
is to create your own dreams
and share them passionately, with others.

 Back at 11.30am with sunlight - 

 And how about a little tulip texture? for Kim's Texture Tuesday - Texture is "dream-it" applied in soft light, with quote from Paul Simon. 
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What is your passion?
Do you have tulips in your garden? 
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  1. Ah Tulips! A reminder that spring is almost here. I love them, daffodils too. The Nannup Tulip festival is such a wonderful event in SWA as well. Congratulations on nurturing and growing tulips in your garden, Jill, and for the wonderful photos.

  2. These are gorgeous Jill! I have about 5 tulips in pots but I'm not sure they will flower, just one empty looking bud at this stage.

  3. These are beautiful images and tulips I am sure you will now always associate them with your beloved Mum.

  4. Beautiful, I have tulips in my garden in the UK but they don't last long as soon as it gets windy down they come but they are magnificent even if only for a day....

  5. Gorgeous flowers, fantastic texture work!

  6. Lovely tulips! These are rich in color. Your last photo with texture and the saying is a creative work of art.

  7. Jill, I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your Mum.

    Your photos are stunning. I love how you put them in a collage. I absolutely love tulips but can't grow them in my garden, as the days are too warm here in South-East Queensland.

  8. Hi Jill, These tulips are so gorgeous! It is summer going into fall here, and you've made me consider planting some more tulips in my garden this fall for spring bloom. I enjoyed these mosaics as well as the ones in the cappacino area. You capture things very well with your camera, Jill, and I enjoyed my visit.


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