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Monday, 16 July 2012

Winter warmers - It's winter in Western Australia

It's mid winter in Australia, and I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain pouring down on our roof. So how about a bowl of hot home made winter soup to warm us up? I love making a big pot of hearty home made soup - there is nothing better on a cold wet winter's day. The delicious smell of the cooking soup seeps through my house - it is a welcoming smell - that says come in and have some!

I have some recipes of soups that my mother used to make - ie the Vegetable, Lamb Shank & Barley soup was always a standard in our house when I was growing up -  but now I like finding new recipes that reflect our multicultural Australia - ie Mulligatawny Soup and Minestrone Soup. During the summer when there are plenty of tomatoes, I make big batches of tomato soup, and freeze it in containers, then in the winter use it as the basis of the Minestrone Soup. It is wonderful on a cold Sunday night to have a bowl of Minestrone served with Italian Roll-up rolls, in front of the fire for tea.

I like a thick soup with lots of flavour. What is your favourite soup?

What sort would you choose? From top left clockwise - Pea & Ham, Moroccan, Minestrone, Vegetable & Barley, Pumpkin, and in the centre Mulligatawny  -

And we better have something to go with it - scones, Italian roll ups, and fresh crusty bread -

My sister reminded me today about making damper - I haven't made it for years - I will have to make some soon to go with our next pot of soup. For those who don't know what damper is - it really is a traditional Australian bread which was a staple food in colonial days, and now favored by people out camping, cooked in the camp fire - here is a link to find out more - Australian Damper

The sky is amazing in winter - What a glorious palette of colour it can be - these images in my collage were taken between lunch time one day and 5pm the next day a couple of weeks ago. In the first image - lunch time - the sky was blue, then in the evening there was beautiful pink colours in the late afternoon sky, threatening clouds next morning, rain at lunch time (the lighthouse pic), and then driving home that afternoon - a glorious sunset. What an ever changing colourful pallet the sky has!
These images are all totally straight out of camera.

Yesterday we went walking in the bush along the Timberline Trail in St John's Brook Conservation Park in Nannup - below is a pic. I love bush walking during winter or spring. We walked through some misty rain but it didn't bother us. There were a few wildflowers starting to open, hinting of the spring to come. We took a picnic and had lunch at the overnight hut along the trail. I hope to bring you the story later this week.

Until then take care, by happy, and have a wonderful week. I look forward to hearing from you and your comments which I always appreciate. I am linking up with Mary and the other wonderful contributors at Mosaic Monday at Little Red House - click here to see their work - Mosaic Monday at Little Red House

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  1. Your photos are stunning - I love the images of the sky. The soups and crusty bread look wonderful - although it's supposed to be summer over here in the UK we are having the wettest coldest July on record, so the hearty and warming soup would be very welcome!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope you have a good week.

  2. I am sitting here with my morning coffee and looking at your pics of those delicious soups. I am getting hungry. Have a great week. Valerie

  3. Ahh love your sky and soup images Jill! Where was I and how did I miss those glorious skies. Love the okl timberline trail. Time to walk rather thn bike it.

  4. Beautiful soups Jill - winter warmers and comfort food - two of my favourites are pea & ham and minestrone and I remember loving the lamb shank one with vegetables and barley when I was growing up - so healthy.

  5. I love the early days of fall, when the early evenings just call for soup. From your list, I'd say that Muligatawny would get my vote, then the Moroccan. What is damper?

  6. Wonderful photos, lovely hiking area! Mmm, the soup sounds good, even though we are having hot temps right now. I think the Minestrone or Veggie Barley sound delicious. What a clever idea to put up the tomato soup and use it as a base later. Visiting from Mosaic Monday~ thx for stopping by my blog too.

  7. Your photo mosaics are so beautiful, Jill! I yearn for the cooler autumn weather when I can make soup and hot rolls again. We are having an unusually hot summer here in New York. I enjoy all soups so it would be hard for me to chose just one of the ones you've shown.I'm curious as to what "damper" is?

    I also like your lovely sky photos.

  8. It feels like winter in Germany, too....
    Wonderful images!

  9. That's such a good picture(s) Jill, and with a seventh image it could almost be the set of images to accompany a weekly recipe sheet.

  10. You have pretty much listed all my favorite soups. I almost always substitute soup for french fries when I go to a restaurant

  11. Many flavors and textures....wonderfully delicious presentation.

  12. Super work Jill, also a symmetry shot :-) stunning shots all in one, edited perfectly

  13. It all looks so very good. My favorite soup is oxtail and vegetable, more of a cross between a soup and a stew.

  14. Yummy collage, makes me want a big bowl of soup and crusty bread for breakfast!

  15. Any one of those would do it for me. being a fan of thick winter soups. I lived on zucchini soup there for a while because we had such a great crop of them.

  16. Thanks for posting the link. It sounds a lot like Bannock that we make over here. If you'd like to see http://www.canadianliving.com/food/bannock.php

  17. Wonderful wonderful photography. Im always please when I come by here . Stay warm Jill and take your time.


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