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Monday 9 July 2012

Busselton Jetty & the Equinox Cafe, Western Australia

We had the most fabulous Saturday lunch at the Equinox Cafe on the beachfront in Busselton recently. The restaurant has always been a favourite of ours.

Years ago when both arms of the jetty ran right out to its full 1841 metre length, we used to go to Busselton for late afternoon fishing off the jetty, and then squidding in the early evening. Finishing with buying chips at the fish and chip shop in the shed at the end of the jetty, before the drive home.  And even before that, my husband and his family holidayed in Busselton every summer, and the boys would ride their bikes out along the jetty for a day of fishing. Over the years it has been a favourite place to take friends holidaying from Perth or for day trips with our children - only half to three quarters of an hour from our home in Bunbury. You could just about always guarantee you would catch something off the jetty!

Busselton Jetty is the longest piled wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. Built in 1865 to cater for shipping for both goods and tourists, several subsequent extensions were added up until 1911. A final extension was added in 1960, and the jetty was closed to shipping in 1972.

In 1978 when Cyclone Alby swept through the south west, the southern arm of the jetty was washed completely away, leaving only the railway jetty.  Since then the "Boatshed" interpretive centre, just off the beach, and the Underwater Observatory, 1.7 kilometres from shore, have been erected. You can jump on board the jetty train to reach the Observatory. 

Or you can just take a picnic or buy fish and chips and sit on the grass or under the huge Morten Bay fig tree, and enjoy the views and the promenade of people walking by.

Or you can have a meal with a view at the Equinox Cafe as we did. We chose two of the day's specials. My husband had the Thai Style Chicken Curry - medium hot chicken breast pieces coconut curry with naan bread, salad, rice and raita.

Whilst I chose the Babotie - a mild fruity cap Malay minced lamb curry served with fruit chutney, naan bread, salad, rice and raita.
Both were absolutely delicious and so beautifully presented.  And the service was warm and friendly.

What a lovely way to spend a leisurely lunch overlooking the ocean, or just go for coffee or morning or afternoon tea. They are also open for dinner. To find out more - click here - Equinox Cafe

The local community have put a lot of time, effort and resources into restoring and maintaining the jetty and ensuring this piece of Busselton heritage will remain for families in the future.  A trip to Busselton isn't complete without visiting the jetty.

To read more about the Busselton Jetty - click here -  Busselton Jetty


  1. Great food photos as usual but the panoramic of the jetty is fantastic.

  2. Super panorama in the evening sun Jill

  3. Beautiful beach and perfect shot for a panarama! Love the lighting.

  4. So well captured Jill! I want to be there right now. ")

  5. Brilliant panoramic shot Jill. I love this type of photography!

  6. Yummo. Nice capture of delicious looking food. I know where to head for a nice curry now!

  7. Love it and agree with every word. Maybe next year!
    Curry, my favourite food. I'm drooling over this delicious image.

  8. I love your photography and your blog. Very nice work.

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