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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Feel, live, be - every moment is a gift

As I left work late Wednesday afternoon there was the beginnings of the most magnificent sunset. So instead of going straight home I drove to the beach, took off my shoes, and walked on the beach to take some photos.
It was a true gift.

I heard part of an interview with Burt Bacharach on the radio coming home his afternoon. He is in Australia doing a tour at the moment.

Burt is in his 80s and he said that he still loves to be able to make people react to his music, for them to feel something.

And it got me thinking - Is that why we enjoy our photography, why we share our images - we want to inspire people to feel something?

I know I am probably showing my age, but Burt's love ballads I am sure have inspired many people over his six decades of song writing.

And certainly now "what the world needs now is love"

You can read more about Burt here -

My image is overlaid with Kim's "Hope Filled" and "I Am" - fitting I think.

As my Flickr friend, cnocera1, so eloquently replied....

 Jill, you are absolutely right. As a photographer/artist our goal and hope is to convey an emotion - one that we felt when we observed a scene (good or bad) - or to evoke an emotion in the viewer. Inspiration is our gift and our reward. Thank you for inspiring me. Love your work.

Have a wonderful weekend and take time to spend with those you love, enjoy the sunrise-sunset, and smell the lavender!


  1. So true. Both images are beautiful and inspiring too.

  2. What a simply lovely post, both words and photos. it is moments like the one on the beach that make you realise just how incredible Mother Nature is. I also feel that through photography we are able to share these special moments with others who just may not get the opportunity to see such wonders for themselves. Keep up the good work Jill.


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