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Thursday 18 August 2011

The wildflowers are starting to bloom

Only about 500 metres from my house is a stretch of bush between the houses and the main road. Every year when spring comes I go there to look for wild orchids to photograph. Sadly foreign weeds and grasses are choking out the natural vegetation and every year I see more and more weeds (you can see them in the top RH photo trying to choke out the beautiful mauve wildflower - the wild violet). 

And now some of the beautiful banksia trees are starting to die. The last couple of years have been very dry and the water table has dropped - and some believe it is because of climate change and global warming. 

Today when I went walking in our patch of bush some of the new spring wildflowers were starting to bloom. In this photo you can see wild violet, hovea and fire bush. Soon I will go again to look for the wild orchids. 
It is lovely to have a small stretch of bush to walk in so near my home.

If you are Australian you would have heard of the book "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie" by May Gibbs - a much loved Australian children's book about gum nut and wattle babies and their adventures. (a bit like Australian fairies I suppose)

In the book the bad men were the "banksia men". If you look in the first picture - this is a picture of the banksia nut after the flower has died off. The "eyes" pop open and the seeds fall out. This will especially happen after a fire. You can see why May Gibbs may have used the "banksia men" as the bad guys - they look pretty fearsome.

The banksias flower in our patch of bush around Christmas and the flowers look like giant Christmas candles. The one in this picture would be about 1 foot - 30cms - long. 

In the picture below you can see a close up of the parts of the flower, just before they open. 

We haven't had a lot of opportunity this year to go bush walking (with other goings on in our lives) but now that spring is just around the corner I hope we will be able to get out and do some bush walking, and I will again be able to indulge in my passion for wild flower photography.

Have a wonderful weekend, and hug the ones you love. 


  1. Beautiful captures.. especially of the trees!

  2. Spring certainly is just around the corner looking at these lovely photos, whilst here we have intense high summer heat,37C today.


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