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I am a Freelance Journalist and Photographer based in Bunbury, Western Australia. My published work specialises in Western Australian travel articles and stories about inspiring everyday people. My passion is photography, writing, travel, wildflower and food photography.
Most recently I have been enjoying exploring other art genres, including Eco-printing with Australian leaves onto cloth and paper.
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Book - Remember

Remember Up the Top and Down the Gully

Edna brings to life her childhood and early life in Bilbarin and Corrigin in the central Western Australian wheatbelt during the Depression and World War Two.

"My brother Phil was closes to me in age, so we played a lot together. At Bilbarin there were trees and scrub up the back end of the paddock and we played there. We got big sticks to ride, pretending they were horses. Down the front of the property a gully ran where it rained. We played down in the gully and dug out frog's holes to get to the eggs right down the bottom. One of the last things Phil said to me when he was leaving after one of his visits, was "Remember up the top and down the gully".

 In July 2012 I compiled and published a book through Blurb Books containing my mother's memoirs and family history - entitled "Remember Up the Top and Down the Gully" Sadly she was never to see it and she passed away before I could give it to her for her birthday. I am so sorry she never saw it, but family members have asked for copies, so I know it will become a treasured tangible memory.

I don't think it is until later in life that we become really interested in the lives and stories of our parents and ancestors. Unfortunately sometimes by then it is too late. In 2007 I gave my mother, Edna, an exercise book and encouraged her to write her memoirs.  Reading them, looking through old family photos, and re-reading the listed reference books, in the process of compiling this book, I learnt more about and gained a fresh appreciation and respect for the harsh early life of my mother and her family "out east" during the Depression and War years. I am very proud of my heritage and the courage of my ancestors who came by sailing ship from England in the mid 1800s in search of a new life in Victoria, subsquently arriving in Western Australia, and pioneering new land. I think about my grandmother, May, who raised eight children in primitive conditions in the bush, often going without herself for her children. When I look at May's photo on page four, I wonder what dreams she had for her future. I am sure she would have been proud of what her children and their families have achieved.

We have retained a link to the wheatbelt. My sister, Jennifer, and her family live and farm at Bruce Rock. When we drive through the wheatbelt along the roads lined with salmon gums and gimlets, and walk through the bush and across the paddocks, I feel like a part of me has come home.

In later years Mum was plagued with ill health, including two hip replacements and cancer treatment and Dad took on the increasing role as Mum's carer. Mum passed away suddenly at home on the morning of Thursday 19 July 2012 with Dad and Jennifer present. We feel she was granted a blessed release from her suffering. Sadly I wasn't able to give Mum this book, which was to be a gift for her 88th birthday, but I hope it will now be a tangible record of her life.

Thank you Mum for sharing some of the stories of your life.  You will be forever in my heart. 
Jill - July, 2012

If you want to know more about how to have your own book printed - please click on the link to go to Blurb Books - Blurb Books
It's very easy. You download a programmed to your computer, you can choose page layouts, insert text and pictures, and work on it for as long as you like. When you are ready you go to the order page select the type of cover and paper quality, and how many copies you want.  Give it a go!

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  1. Your blog looks great Jill - easy to follow and I'll chat to you about the blurb book as I'd like to have a go.


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