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Saturday, 11 January 2020

Making animal pouches with love

The images on our nightly news about the devastation and loss of lives caused by Australia's ongoing bush-fires has been heart-wrenching, but the outpouring of help that has come from all around the world to help Australia has been amazing and heart-warming. It really gives us hope for the future when the world comes together at a time like this. Thank you to all those who have helped.

The news of our bush-fires has obviously gone right around the world. Generous help has come in the form of monetary donations which is being directed to aid community recovery. 

The work being done by firefighters, volunteers, armed services, rescue organisations, medical teams, and ordinary citizens in the fire zones has been incredible.  Thank you.

Thousands of our wildlife (they estimate 1 billion) have also been killed, injured or left homeless. People from around the world have been getting together to make much needed items for our wildlife in crisis. I saw a post the other day about a group of 100 in Iceland knitting for our wildlife. Daily I have seen stories such as this.

You can see some of what is happening and how you can help here at Animal Rescue Craft Guild
and also here  Hello Care
And a little video of what carers are doing: Caring for baby joeys

Today I joined a group making joey pouches for baby kangaroos that have lost their mothers. The pouches are designed to mimic their mother's pouch. It felt good to be able to do something practical to help. 

Below are some of what is being made by people all over the world: 
Sewers: Joey and possum pouches, hanging joey pouches, bat wraps, koala mittens, quilts and blankets.
Crocheters: Birds nests, blankets, joey pouch outers, animal jumpers.
Knitters: Blankets, joey pouch outers,  animal jumpers.
Woodwork - possum boxes  

This is one of the joey pouches I made. There are a few different pattern designs. I should have hung it up so you can see it better.  A rod goes through the top part to hang it up.

Here is how they look in action. So cute.

But more help is needed. I have just read:
There is nothing to eat for the surviving animals. Everything is burned.
So we have to keep scaling up. Every month we will be spending $27,450 to get food, medical, and other items to over 140 carers and feeding stations up and down the firezones. Animal Rescue Craft Guild

I'm taking a little blogging break this week, other than to say there is so much heartbreak, devastation and strife around the world today, please take time out to treasure the natural beauty of our world around us before it is too late. And do what you can to safe our fragile earth.

 This week I have borrowed the animal photos from the net. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you for your thoughts on my blog last week. I really appreciated your kind words of support. 

I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 
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  1. I have a few friends who are amazing knitters and they are making and sending knit pouches!

  2. A woman in my town has also been knitting nests for the animals. I have donated yarn to her along with many other people in town. It’s such a terrible tragedy.

  3. Hello, it is heartbreaking to hear about the loss of all the wildlife. The pouches are cute, it is great that people from around the world are helping out. I agree we need to save and protect our earth. It is the only home we have. Enjoy your break. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  4. My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering for this disaster! All the news is so heartbreaking and so many lives have be devastated. There is no question that the world needs to take seriously the impact of global warming. My prayers for all of you!

  5. These fires are so destructive, because they effect every side of life. Not only where people and critters live, but also the most needed: food.Thanks you for contributing to the needs of baby kangaroos, and undoubtedly also on other levels. Also many thanks for staying in contact with All Seasons to keep us up to date! Very much appreciated, Jill. My wish for you, your family, and countrymen is that these ravaging fires soon will be controlled. Hang in there! Jesh

  6. Just letting you know that you are being thought of. It's comforting to know that people are caring for the animals. Enjoy your time away from the computer.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about all the devastation. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Thanks for giving us an update my friend. Hugs, Diane

  8. Jill, another thought provoking post that reflects so well the sad times here in Australia. The Joey pouches make me smile and cry at the same time. I will add to my previous bushfire post, I am really comforted by the fact that so many of us are saying the same things and the wonderful comments on your post give me hope and comfort. Now all we need is ACTION! Today our air is so polluted here in Melbourne :(

  9. Jill - crying and laughing at the same time, having just watched the caring for joeys video. You watch something like this and it reminds you that there are tremendously generous people out there, and that nature can respond, even if it is one joey at a time. If we all help … Thanks for pointing us to ways we can contribute, and for linking to Mosaic Monday. Time for action!

  10. So very sad when these fires happen; especially for helpless animals. The pouches are awesome, and thank you for showing how some are helping. Prayers for Australia.

  11. This is so sad...thank you for the links ♥️

  12. The pouches are awesome. Thanks for the update.

    Praying for Australia.

  13. Amazing pouches! Let's hope the politicians become as concerned and involved as the people.

  14. It is great that humans come together and show the better side of our nature and I don't wish to underestimate that, but we still continue to pollute the land, the air and the oceans at an alarming rate, and all these fires around the world are releasing huge quantities of stored carbon into the atmosphere. And, most incredibly of all, we continue to elect political leaders who at best don't give a damn and at worst are complicit in this assault on the environment.

  15. That is great what you are doing. Ladies in our village had a sewing bee and made mittens, pouches and wraps for the RSPCA.

  16. Thanks for this little bit of hope among the awful fires. It seems New Zealand has donated quite a few crochet and knit pouches for the little ones there, I do hope they are helpful :)

    I'm glad you joined us at 'My Corner of the World'!

    My Corner of the World

  17. Thank you everyone for your comments. They really warmed my heart.
    Thankfully the eastern states have had a bit of rain which is helping the efforts of the firefighters. Although it is not over yet. It is wonderful how ordiary citizems have resp9ndef all over the world. If only politicians would take notice of what is happening to our climate world wide.

  18. These handmade pouches are wonderful! The animal life lost is staggering. Too many died to fully grasp. I know Canadian firefighters were among those who went to Australia. They surely gained experience fighting fires here at home particularly in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. I was glad to hear it rained today in the fire zones of Australia.

  19. The loss of animals and habitat is mind blowing - I'm sharing your post on social media and trying to spread the word


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